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In accordance with provisions 604 and 607 of FCRA, Public Law 91-508 as amended by Consumer Credit Reporting Act of 1966 title II, (D), Chapter 1, of Public Law 104-208 you consent to release your information here in for EMPLYMENT RELATED PURPOSES ONLY.

The investment(s) made by Winsor to recruit and credential candidates such as yourself to its Clients for assignment are significant. Therefore, you agree that you shall NOT: without prior written consent of Winsor: (a) solicit any Winsor Client for work of any kind independently or without Winsor,

(b) interfere with the employment and/or service provider engagement relationship between Winsor and its referred Clients,

(c) interfere with the employment and/or service provider engagement relationship between Winsor and any Winsor Candidate(s),

(d) neither directly or indirectly cause, allow or permit, for any reason, yourself to transfer to another service(s) for the benefit of Winsor Client.

You agree that you shall NOT solicit, or provide services to (nor accept work, employment or provide service through another service) to a referred Winsor Client for a period of 18 (eighteen) months of Winsor referral to you. You shall not provide service to Winsor Client(s) independently or through another third party or organization as outlined herein without being in breach of this Agreement. Any work referred to you by Winsor whereby you are later determined to be providing service(s) in any capacity [or to Winsor-Client associate, Winsor-Client counterpart, Winsor-Client agency, brokers, leasing companies, Winsor Competitor(s), etc., where you perform work for the benefit of Winsor-Client or through any third party service provider at Winsor-Client location(s) or that of your own for the benefit of Winsor-Client], regardless of whether it later be discovered you were introduced there by another party, or contained in an internal Client and/or associate Client database, and/or you transfer from Winsor or Winsor-Client to another service for any reason for benefit of Winsor-Client or yourself, you acknowledges that if Winsor refers you to a Client and then you provide service to such Client or hired by such Client or its associates within 18 eighteen months of Winsor referral directly or indirectly, it is understood and agreed to herein that Winsor is the “procuring cause” of your work, employment and/or service, and that Winsor has fulfilled its obligations to help you secure work; so that a placement fee shall apply in the form of a Conversion Charge to be equal to 20% of your Gross Annual Compensation and/or earnings from such a referral; the sum of which shall be annualized or extrapolated for 12 month duration regardless of how long you actually provide services, work and/or employment to any Winsor-Client or such Clients counterparts and affiliates. You also understand that Winsor receives a contingent fee for your referral to all its Clients, and regardless of any duration of time worked at such a Winsor Client you are not eligible to Convert to that Client, directly or indirectly, unless Winsor is paid in full from its Client for your services rendered. Likewise, you are prohibited to provide work to any third party at Winsor Client location without being in breach of this agreement.