Winsor CDL Staffing

Driver Application For Assignment: Instructions

Thank you for your interest in Winsor CDL Staffing. To apply for a driving position, please complete our online application for employment. Incomplete information will delay the processing of your application or prevent it from being submitted. If you are filling out this application electronically, on the last page, please be certain you click on the red Accept and Finish Application button to submit your application.

NOTE: Applicants are considered for assignment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability, genetic information, military status or any other status protected by national, state or local law.

To fill out this application, you will need to know/possess copies of the following, and grant permission for obtaining and releasing your driver sensitive information:

Applicant Acknowledgment:

I understand that all information and/or documents supplied pertaining to my DOT Driver Qualification file and credentialing by me as part of this application are retained by Winsor. I understand and hereby consent to Winsor sharing this information with Winsor clients, associates or governmental offices as becomes necessary. I understand that completion of this application does NOT guarantee an offer of assignment. Prior to an offer of assignment, all qualified applicants must review and acknowledge receipt of Company policies and procedures as well as complete items outlined in the POST-OFFER checklist.