CDL Products and Services

Winsor Staffing CDL Driver Division offers the most cost effective and efficient means to help transporters fully mobilize all their vehicles and fleet no matter what obstacles and circumstances prevail:

Services Available for:


Qualified candidates available "On-Demand" for one day or longer*


Before hiring a full-time employee on your payroll, take advantage of a short trial period without making a long time commitment.*


Bring your personnel for an indefinite period of time --until you decide such individual(s) are worthy of hiring full-time. Winsor will maintain all pay-rolling and government filings as they were on your payroll.*

Direct Hire

Winsor Staffing offers recruiting expertise for those higher skilled, hard to find, specialized candidates that needs to be recruited and matriculated directly to your payroll.

*Eliminate subsequent costs such as: FICA, FUTA, SUTA, workers compensation, garnishments and similar administrative processes and expenses.

Qualified candidates available

Logistics Candidates Available For Your Staffing Needs

EXPERIENCED CDL DRIVERS: Class A, Class B, Class C, with various endorsements (HazMat, DBL/TRP, etc.)

EXPERIENCED DISPATCHERS: Transportation professionals thoroughly versed in scheduling, planning and route passages to help your drivers get to where they need be hassle free and quick

SAFETY MANAGERS: Whether it be FMCSR and DOT compliances in your transportation fleet, OSHA compliance in your production or warehouse, or a combination of the latter Winsor maintains a vast network of industry professionals you can tap in to.

TRANSPORTATION MANAGERS / TERMINAL MANAGERS / OPERATIONS MANAGERS: When distribution needs involve more than just route deliveries, driving and dispatching, Winsor maintains a network of highly skilled and accomplished upper management logistic professionals. Individuals with many years experience in all facets of the transportation, distribution and warehousing available to consult and/or work with your staff on either ad hoc projects or for a much longer term full time assignment with an indefinate duration.

The Winsor "NO RISK" contingency hiring program allows you to evaluate talent before you commit to making a hiring decision. Whether you need for a temporary basis, a temp-to-hire contingency, or a direct hire if you are not satisfied for any reason with the caliber of candidate provided call us within the first few hours and we will work expediently to replace that associate.

Winsor is a FULL-SERVICE DIVERSIFIED STAFFING COMPANY offering flexible staffing alternatives: hired and lay off personnel to handle peak and slow period in your production and avoid subsequent costly pay roll burdens, such as FICA, FUCA and SUTA surcharges, Workers Compensation, Garnishments, W2 and similar administration processes and expenses.

Winsor offers ASSURANCE WHEN IT COMES TO KNOWING AND CREDENTIALING OUR STAFF. We maintain comprehensive HR/Personnel file on all our candidates to confirm worker eligibility, employment/background references checks and criminal/felony/fingerprinting profiles and reports, social security traces, drug and alcohol pre-hire, random testing and post-accident testing when called for.

Call Winsor today. Ask to speak to a staffing professional about our services, and have a consultant identify all the options available to help augment your staffing and hiring requirements at the affordable price.