Endorsement and Testimonials


Winsor's foundation is built on over 30 years experience operating in the transportation industry. We've gone from owning and operating one of the largest Tractor Trailer Diving Schools in the state of NJ to dominant market-leadership in the Driver Staffing arena. Some of our earliest clients and associates include:

Winsor CDL References & Endorsements

CDL ClassCompany Name
AA.I. Racing Specialities
A/BAllied Van Lines
AAmbassador Transport
BusCoach USA
AConsolidated Freight
AConway Central Express
ACovenant Transport
ACream-o-land Dairy
ADam Trucking
ADirect Services
BusEagle Rock Bus Company
A/BErik Storage & Handling
BHawthorne Transport
AKelley Movers
CDL ClassCompany Name
ALester Coggins
BMennella's Poultry
BusNJ Transit
ANorth American Van Lines
BSam Plastic
ATotal Freight
ATransport Drivers
AWillow Run Foods
AContinental Transport
BusAcademy Bus
AWerner Enterprises
BusVillani Bus Co.

Winsor in-house personnel has THE LOWEST turnover of staffing management in the industry! Our clients really ever leave us either. We build relationships with our customers, gaining knowledge and insight by working with them hand-in-hand over long periods of time. Such client-vendor relationships are unparalleled in most businesses. That means you always have the same service representative who knows your business exceptionally well, someone who maintains an in depth understanding of your hiring criteria. When you need a temp for any length of time Winsor knows exactly what you require –there is no retraining. When our clients move their career to another organization they are quick to call us at their new place of employment. This following repeat business speaks volumes about the trust hiring managers’ place in Winsor.