Healthcare Staffing FAQ

Get Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes WINSOR Care better and different?

Our service revolves around "you" --your institution and its unique needs --our clients, and our patients. The services we provide are custom tailored to your requirements. Our Caregivers and their services cannot be mass-produced, franchised, or commercialized. Each case, your case, is as unique as the individual receiving care. WINSOR Care provides one-on-one service with a devoted caregiver.

We are a full-service healthcare staffing and service firm, offering: Acute healthcare providers (RN, LPN, CNA, CHHA, EKG, Phlebotomists, etc) as well as Residential, Behavioral & Mental specialists, many of who are DDD credentialed.

We are a Licensed, Bonded & Insured healthcare service firm (See HOME Page for our License number and copy of license).

We are available around the clock. There is never a time when you are unable to reach us! We treat your family as our own.

Q: How does WINSOR Care select its Caregivers & Healthcare Specialists?

All of our Caregivers and Healthcare Specialists are rigorously screened to the highest possible standards.

  • Our Human Resources Specialists interview everyone, at length, in person, and demand multiple references –personal and social references, work related references, and educational confirmations.
  • Criminal Background Checks are imperative and conducted local, state, and/or national level, to include a social security trace, residence confirmation, and work authorization clearance.
  • A drug screen is mandatory, and random drug & alcohol tests are conducted regularly.
  • All mandated healthcare credentialing criteria specific to each paraprofessional occupation is strictly adhered too.
  • We conclude with an in-depth proprietary Personality and Behavioral Interview Assessment.

Our caregivers are experienced with advanced training, certifications, licenses, and degrees in their area of specialization. We match our Caregivers to you, your family, and/or your institution based on the skills needed as well as the cultural and personality traits necessary for a healthy and enjoyable relationship.

Q: Why should I use WINSOR Care rather than hire someone myself?

WINSOR Care specializes in providing caregiver services. This includes constant recruiting, which is often a full-time job. Upkeep of caregiver records, credentials, continuous testing, and evaluation demands a great deal of time and resources. Sustaining a qualified caregiver and holding them accountable to the highest standards can be overwhelming. A specialized company and experienced staff can be much more productive.

WINSOR Care Caregivers are thoroughly processed and screened, trained, properly credentialed, and can be insured under our Workers Compensation, General Liability and Professional Liability umbrella.

Additionally, Caregivers must undergo Blood borne Pathogen and HIPAA training and assessment. We make certain all our Caregivers are compliant to JCAHO standards and procedures. In the event of the unexpected WINSOR Care is here for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Q: Are your services available for anyone, or just the elderly in nursing homes or assisted living facilities?

Our services are available to anyone in need, not just the elderly in assisted living facilities: pediatric home-care and disabled (behavioral, mental, and/or Physical) healthcare assistance inclusive. We also provide services to new mothers, individuals with disabilities, victims of accidents, people recovering from a recent illness or surgery, and anyone who just needs a little help getting around, and/or mentoring and companionship. Moreover, we provide services "wherever" clients/patients reside and "when" they need require it.

Q: What happens if my Caregiver cannot be available?

WINSOR Care maintains a vast and ever increasing network of Caregivers and Health care Specialists. We are obligated to maintain sufficient backup in the event of the unexpected. A Healthcare Specialist and/or Caregiver are normally available.

Q: Who pays the caregiver - you or me?

WINSOR Care network of Caregivers and Independent Health care Specialists take full accountability for all payroll, taxes, insurance and administrative responsibilities for you. You bill/submit your long-term care to your insurance company. You pay us directly.

Q: Can I change the schedule if I have appointments?

Of course! This is a frequent requirement and certainly necessary to accommodate individual needs that often arise on last minute notice.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract to keep services for a specified period of time?

No. WINSOR Care is flexible around your changing circumstances. One can increase or decrease services as needed. Services can be (cancelled) re-instated at any time without obligation and consequence.

Q: Does Medicare or insurance cover services?

They may but there is no guarantee. You must confirm with your insurance provider what is covered. Medicare does not pay Winsor Care directly for our services, but insurance providers reimburse many of our institutional clients. We are happy to work with your insurance company to make that determination. We will also assist by billing/submitting to the insurance company.

Q: How much do the services cost?

WINSOR Care offers several levels of care. Costs are determined based on the client's and patients needs. Call (877) HHS-7577 to have a Care Coordinator assess your particular financial requirements, limitations, and overall situation. We will then work with you and your insurance to provide you with an affordable plan and quote.

The Winsor "NO RISK" contingency hiring program allows you to evaluate talent before you commit to making a hiring decision. Whether you need for a temporary basis, a temp-to-hire contingency, or a direct hire if you are not satisfied for any reason with the caliber of candidate provided call us within the first few hours and we will work expediently to replace that associate.

Winsor is a FULL-SERVICE DIVERSIFIED STAFFING COMPANY offering flexible staffing alternatives: hired and lay off personnel to handle peak and slow period in your production and avoid subsequent costly pay roll burdens, such as FICA, FUCA and SUTA surcharges, Workers Compensation, Garnishments, W2 and similar administration processes and expenses.

Winsor offers ASSURANCE WHEN IT COMES TO KNOWING AND CREDENTIALING OUR STAFF. We maintain comprehensive HR/Personnel file on all our candidates to confirm worker eligibility, employment/background references checks and criminal/felony/fingerprinting profiles and reports, social security traces, drug and alcohol pre-hire, random testing and post-accident testing when called for.

Call Winsor today. Ask to speak to a staffing professional about our services, and have a consultant identify all the options available to help augment your staffing and hiring requirements at the affordable price.