CDL Driver Division


Staffing and recruiting highly qualified CDL drivers to live up to your stringent hiring requirements and unique criteria is our focus. Our cost-effective structures are tailored to your budget which allows you to leverage the most cost effective pricing structures. No matter what your circumstances Winsor stands to save you lots of time and money.

With an emphasis on reliability and many other work ethic traits from our comprehensive behavioral interview assessment, Winsor clients are assured satisfaction. The Winsor price guarantee endorses the trust and confidence you need to rely on us.


Winsor has over 30 years' experience in transportation, distribution, and logistic staffing. Winsor's specialized Driver Staffing Division is comprised of highly skilled dispatchers, safety managers and operations professionals who screen, recruit, evaluate, credential and staff your vehicles on an ongoing basis. Call Winsor NOW toll free at 1(1877)-235-4040 and speak to one of our highly-specialized transportation professionals.


CDL Products and Services

Winsor Staffing CDL Driver Division offers the most cost effective and efficient means to help transporters fully mobilize all your fleet no matter what obstacles and circumstances prevail:

Qualified candidates available “on demand” for one day or longer.
Before hiring a full-time employee on your payroll, take advantage of a short trial period without making a long-term commitment.
Direct Hire
Winsor Staffing offers recruiting expertise for those higher skilled, hard to find, specialized candidates that need to be recruited and matriculated directly to your payroll.

Logistics Candidates Available for Your Staffing Needs

Experienced CDL Drivers: Class A, Class B, Class C with various endorsements (HazMat, DBL/TRP, etc.)

Experienced Dispatchers: Transportation professionals thoroughly versed in scheduling, planning and route passages to help your drivers get to where they need be hassle free and quick.

Safety Managers: Whether it be OSHA compliance in your production or warehouse, FMCSR and DOT compliances in your transportation fleet or a combination of all the latter Winsor maintains a vast network of industry professionals you can tap into.

Transportation Managers/Terminal Managers/ Operations Managers: When distribution needs involve more than just route deliveries, driving and dispatching, Winsor maintains a network of highly skilled and accomplished upper management logistic professionals. Individuals with many years' experience in all facets of the transportation, distribution and warehousing available to consult and/or work with your staff on either ad hoc projects or for a much longer term full time assignment.


Winsor's foundation is built on over 30 years' experience operating in the transportation industry. We've gone from owning and operating one of the largest Tractor Trailer Driving Schools in the state of NJ to dominant market-leadership in the Driver Staffing arena. Some of our earliest clients and associates include: