CDL Qualification Process

Our Superior Candidate Qualification Process:

Winsor has the most comprehensive DQ file in the industry!

I. Intensive 10-part background investigation

MVR Driver Abstract Report
DOT Physical Report
DOT Drug/Alcohol Test (Random Pool, Post Accident, Reasonable Suspicion)
Criminal Background Check
Social Security Trace
F.M.S.C.R. Certification Confirmation(s)
Additional Client-Specific Requirements Can Be Tailored

II. Behavioral Interview: in-depth person-to-person evaluation

Winsor tests for unique personality traits which cannot be depicted and are often dodged by faceless paper or electronic resumes and brief interviews. The behavioral interview assessment includes:

Safety & Integrity Verification
Intelligence/Learning Assessment
Attitude/Appearance/Tolerance Limits
Personality/Presentation Tendencies
Initiative & Drive Characteristics
Leadership- Responsibility and Accountability

III. Skills & Experience Assessment

Many preparations to validate safety and skill-sets for any particular assignment prior to referring and recommending candidates for hire or dispatch are available. Whether it be I-SIM technology or real hardware/vehicles a direct hands-on safety assessment is imperative.

State-of-the-art Simulation Technology (I-SIM)

Designed by top engineers (technology comparable to US Navy and Air Force Flight simulators) allows for testing, evaluation, and preparation of candidates for any and every possible circumstance and contingency. Over 10,000 test scenarios.